Java8 new features

  • Default Functions
  • Functional Interface
  • Lambda expression
  • Stream API
  • Date Time API
  • Optional Class
  • Method Reference

Learn to implement collection framework in java. Examples of List(ArrayList, LinkedList), Vector,Set(HashSet, LinkedHashSet, TreeSet),Map(HashMap, LinkedhashMap, TreeMap), HashTable, Queue(Priority Queue, Dequeue) are provided. Some Concurrent package examples like CopyOnWriteArrayList, CopyOnWriteArraySet, ConcurrentHashMap are provided. Synchronized Collection examples like SynchronizedList, SynchronizedSet, SynchronizedSortedSet, SynchronizedMap, SynchronizedSortedMap are provided.

Learn the concept of multithreading in java

Java-JDBC Examples

Java-Exception Handling

Java Interview Programs Examples
In this section, we are providing a number of programs asked by the interviewer in the interview. e.g armstrong number,common elements from two array, duplicate numbers in an array,reverse a string by preserving space,swap two string without using third variable etc..